Links to Primary Research Sources

Primary Research Sources in Tennessee:

Tennessee State Library and Archives Volunteer Voices University of Tennessee, Special Collections

Digital Library Web Sites:

Stanford University
University of California at Berkeley
Library of Congress Digital Library
The Electric Library
Smithsonian Institute

Electronic Texts:

Historical Text Archive

General History:

Full Text Articles from Popular History Magazines
Historians and the Web
National Humanities Center


Virtual Library

African Internet Resources

Africa: History

African Sourcebook

Islamic Soucebook


Virtual Library: Asian Studies

Chinese Philosophical Etext Archive

Association for Asian Studies

Armenian Genocide

 Armenian National Institute

Australia/New  Zealand

Australian Literary and Historical Texts

Documenting Democracy: Australia's story

Life on the Goldfields

Local Heroes: an oral history of World War Two

National Library of Australia's Federation Gateway

Hidden Histories-oral

Australians at war

Ancient and Modern History

Great Britain

Anglo-Saxton Charters

Sources of British History

The British museum

Tudor England 1485-1603

British War Blue Book, Documents on Entry into WWII

Churchill Speech, Commons 6/4/40

Monarchy homepage, links to royal lineage

Hellfire Corner, WWI Site


National Archives of Canada



Medieval Source Book

The Reformation Page

Labyrinth: Medieval Studies

Eighteenth Century

Modern Western Civilization Links

Rome Project Site

Plague and Public Health in Renaissance Europe

17th cent. Women Poets

European Historical Texts

Wolf Lewkowicz collection, Translated Letters, Jewish/Holocaust History

Documents on Bosnia

French Electronic Texts

Images of the French Revolution, includes texts (Eng)

History of France, primary documents

French texts

Austro-Hungarian primary documents

Marx-Engels documents

German Witch-hunt documents

Greece-FYROM dispute

Modern greece primary documents

Robert Bellarmine: Letter on Galileo's Theories, 1615

Galileo Galilei: Letter to the Grand Duchess Christina of Tuscany, 1615

Documents of Italian unification

Edward Gibbon

Life of da Vinci

Mussolini: What is fascism

King Victor Emmanuel:  Address to Parliament, Rome, 1871

Italy's Declaration for the Allies, 1915

Italian Primary Documents

Italian History Sourcebook


Database of Norwegian Immigrants

Statistics Norway  


Northern Ireland Conflict since 1968

Electronic texts of Irish History

Celtic manuscripts

The Confessio of Saint Patrick

History of Dublin

Irish History links

Irish Primary Documents

Proclamation of 1916: Provisional Government

Irish Workhouse Reports, 1840s

Articles on Irish Workhouse Conditions

Latin America:

Latin American Studies

Documents on Mexican Politics

Mexican Archives Project


Moscow State University

Documents in Russian History

Russian History Links (most in Russian)

The Russian Revolution

Revelations from the Russian Archives, mostly general histories with images of primary documents (in Russian)

Trotskyite-Zinovievite 1936 trial proceedings  

U.S. History:

Shades of Grey and Blue (Civil War in Tennessee)

Tennessee Sampler Survey

American Memory

Harlem Renaissance

Labor & Business History

National American Woman Suffrage

Digital Library--History

Internet Public Library, U.S. History

U.S. Historical Documents

From Revolution to Reconstruction and What Happened After

National Archives

Presidents of the United States

Smithsonian Institution

Historical Census Information

American Ethnic Studies at U. of Virginia

African-American Mosaic

American Slave Narratives

The Atlantic Monthly, African American History

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Story, North Carolina

Documenting the American South

African American e-sources

John Hope Franklin Collection of African and African-American Documentation

Freedmen and Southern Society project

Martin Luther King Jr. and Civil Rights Links

The Martin Luther King Jr. Papers Project

Women and Social Movements in the U.S.

American Literature: Writing Black

American Indian Studies

First Nations Site Inde

Images of Native Americans

Native American Sites

NativeWeb Resources

Internet Public Library: Native American Authors

Common-place, American Antiquarian Society Journal, Colonial American History

Library of Virginia

Iroquois Oral Traditions

Virtual Jamestown

Archiving Early America

Jesuit Relations and Allied Documents

Leslie Brock Center for the Study of Colonial Currency

Notes on the State of Virginia

Plymouth Colony Archive Project

The American Revolution

Heath Anthology of American Literature

Mount Vernon

Thomas Jefferson Online

Monticello: the Home of Thomas Jefferson

OIEAHC homepage

U.S. Army Military History Institute

People of the Revolutionary War

George Washington Papers

The World of Benjamin Franklin

New York History Net

Democracy in America etext

Founding Fathers

Lewis and Clark

Documents of the Mexican War

Mountain Men and the Fur Trade

Lewis and Clark Exhibit

Origins of ?Uncle Sam?

Valley of the Shadow: Two Communities in the Civil War

War of 1812 etext

Across the Plains in 1844

Amistad Case

Cherokee Nation vs. Georgia

Confessions of Nat Turner

Federalist Papers

A Girl's Life in Virginia Before the War

A Grandmother's Recollections of Dixie

Frederick Douglas: Hypocrisy of the American South

The Madison Debates

Uncle Tom's Cabin etext

VA Resolution 1798

American Civil War

American Civil War

American Civil War Resources

R. W. Burt Letters

Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System

Letters of the Civil War

Secession Era Editorials

Civil War Photographs

The Shenandoah 1863 Civil War Museum

Spanish-American War homepage

World's Columbian Exposition: Idea, Experience, Aftermath

Ulysses S. Grant Homepage

Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center

Haymarket Square

Alexander Graham Bell Family Papers

Jane Addams Hull-House Museum

William Jennings Bryan

Eugene Debs Foundation

Sarah Orne Jewett Text Project

Writings of John Muir

Mark Twain

Walt Whitman Homepage

Sketches of Wisconsin Pioneer Women

Spanish-American War

African-Americans in the U.S. Navy


Excerpts from Huey Long's Autobiography

Excerpts from Huey Long's Second Autobiography

FDR Cartoon Archive

Dust Bowl Refugees in California

Voices from the Dust Bowl

Trials of the Scottsboro Boys

Social Security Online

Manuscripts from the Federal Writer's Project 1936-1940

California Folk Music from the Thirties

Homefront during WWII

Japanese-American Internment Camps, Documents

Japanese Internment at San Francisco

America From Great Depression to WWII

San Francisco in WWII

What did you do in the war, Grandma??Oral History of Rhode Island Women on the WWII Homefront

U-2 Incident of 1960

Apollo Lunar Surface Journal

Coney Island

Detroit Publishing Co. Photographs 1880-1920

Digger Archives

Documents from the Women's Liberation Movement

Famous Trials

Emma Goldman Papers

Kennedy Assassination

Tenement Museum

U.S. Presidential Election Maps, 1860-1996

Presidential Speeches

Scopes Trial Home Page

BBHQ: The Sixties Section

Official Web Site of the 225th AAA Searchlight Battalion

Washington Post Watergate Site

Women and Social Movements in the United States

California Missions Scholars

Photo Gallery of the American West

Overland Main Trail Mainpage

The Silent Westerns: Early Movie Myths of the West

Montana Vigilantes

Who Killed William Robertson?

 Women's History

African American Women

American Women's History

Emma Spaulding Bryant Letters

A Celebration of Women Writers

Distinguished Women of the Past and Present

Documents of the Women's Liberation Movement

Emma Goldman Papers

Feminist Collections

Gifts of Speech: Women's Speeches from Around the World

Hawaii Women's Heritage

Hearts at Home: Southern Women in the Civil War

Herstory Exhibition

Bayly Art Museum: Power of Woe

International Alliance for Women in Music

Jewish Women's Archive

Medieval Women

Medieval Women Websites

National Women's Hall of Fame

The Ninety-Nines: Women in Aviation History

Votes for Women: Selections from the National American Women Suffrage Association

Women in America 1820-1842

Biographies of Women Mathematicians

Female Nobel Prize Winners

Early Women Composers and Artists

Women's Legal History Website

American Women in Uniform

World History

H-World Discussion Network

Global History Sourcebook

Journal of World-Systems  Research

World History Archives

Studies in the World History of Slavery, Abolition, and Emancipation

Frontline: the Farmer's Wife

Special Collections National Agriculture Home Page

The Northern Great Plains

Sunshine Harvest Works

History of Computing

History of Computing Information

Internet History Sourcebook

Galileo Project

History of Astronomy

History of Medicine

Natural History Caucus, Special Libraries Association

 Selected Classic Papers from the History of Chemistry   

 Center for History of Physics

 Contributions of Twentieth Century Women to Physics

 History of Cartography

History and Philosophy of Psychology

Resource Guide for Psychology     

 Guide to the History of Russian Science  

World History Compass       

 Henry Ford Museum

 IEEE History Center  

 NASA's History Office  

Science and Technology in the Making

 STS (Science & Technology Society)

 Technology Review

 Totalizator History

A Cybrary of the Holocaust 

 Holocaust History

 KZ Mauthausen-Gusen Memorial   

Teaching the Holocaust

 U.S. Holocaust Museum

 Wolf Lewkowicz Collection  

Law Connections  

 Encyclopedia of US History: McCarthyism

 The File Room Censorship Archive  

 ADL Holocaust Resources  

 Greensboro Sit-ins



Voices of the Holocaust

World War I

WWI site (German)

Rutgers Oral History Archives of WWII

WWII Posters

Actung Panzer: WWII German Military

Atomic Bomb Decision

Codebreaking  and Secret Weapons in WWII

Imperial Japanese Naval Page

A Marine Diary: My Experiences at Guadalcanal

Pacific War: U.S. Navy

The Russian Campaign 1941-45, Photo Diary

Women Come to the Front

The Women's Army Corps

World at War: History of WWII

WWII Timeline

Resource Listing for WWII

World War II: North Africa

Race for the Superbomb

The Cold War

CIA and Assassinations: Guatemala 1954

Cold War Museum

Costs of the Manhattan Project

Cuban Missile Crisis and Its Aftermath

Cuban Missile Crisis Chronology

Documents Relating to American Foreign Policy: The Cold War

Trials of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg

Fifty Years from Trinity

For European Recovery: Fiftieth Anniversary of the Marshall Plan

Harvard Project on Cold War Studies

National Security Archive

Cuban Missile Crisis

Air Force Historical Research Agency

Military History

U.S. Army Military History

DOD Dictionary of Military Terms

Federation of American Scientists

Naval History and Photographs

Avalon: Twentieth Century Documents

Military History?

Philippine-American War (1899-1902)

The Aerodome: Aces and Planes of WWI

America's Secret War (1918-1920)

Great War Series

Great War Society

Historical Text Archive: WWI

WWI Document Archive

Korean War Project

POW/MIAs in Southeast Asia

Vietnam War Internet Project

Arab Israel Conflict in Maps

Falklands War 1982

Desert Storm Links

Historical Text Archive: Persian Gulf War

Gulf War Photo Gallery


Information Warfare

Military Woman Homepage the Ultimate F-16 Reference


The Institute of Psychohistory


American Hypertexts

Library of  Modern Historiography

Historians and Philosophers

Historican Underground: Making History Useful to Life

Internet Classics Archive (experiencing some technical difficulties)

Liber Liber Online Library (mostly Italian works)

Philosophy of History Archive

Historiography of World History

Storia Della Storiographia: History of Historiography

Ten Commandments of Good Historical Writing

Historical Population

U.S. Census information 

Historic Preservation

Advisory Council on Historic Preservation

Historic Building Survey

U.S. National Archives

Society of Architectural Historians

World Monuments Fund

Urban History

Urban Web Links

U Texas Map Collection

Urban Planning 1794-1918

Urban History Association Links

Waters of Rome

Building the Washington Metro

Centennial Exhibition Digital Collection, Philadelphia 1879

Center for Metropolitan history

Chicago Historical Society

Chicago Image Base

City Sites, essays on New York and Chicago, 1870s-1930s

Greenwood's Map of London 1827

Harlem: Mecca of the New Negro

Historic Pittsburgh

History of Mumbai, Bombay

Jerusalem Studies

LaGuardia and Wagner Archives

Levittown: Documents of an Ideal American Suburb

Monuments and Dust: Culture of Victorian London

Museum of San Francisco

Places in Time in Greater Philadelphia

San Diego Historical Society

Siege of Paris 1870-71

The Urban Landscape: Digital Image Access Project  

Living History

Association of Living History

Butler's Rangers

Elizabethan Costumes

King's Arms Press and Bindery

Le Poulet Gauche

Medieval/Renaissance Food Page

Roman Orgy (cooking) Page

Med./Ren. Music and Dance Page

SCRIBE Network


Family Search Internet Genealogy Service

Center for Life Stories Preservation

JewishGen: The Home of Jewish Genealogy

All Things Cherokee 

State/National Historical Sites

Canada's National Historical Site

Alabama Historical Society

Arizona Historical Society

California Historical Society

Connecticut Historical Society

Delaware Historical Society

Florida Historical Society

Georgia Historical Society

Hawaii Historical Society

Idaho Historical Society

Illinois Historical Society

Indiana Historical Society

Iowa Historical Society

Kansas Historical Society

Kentucky Historical Society

Louisiana Historical Society

Maine Historical Society

Maryland Historical Society

Massachusetts Historical Society

Michigan Historical Society

Minnesota Historical Society

Mississippi Historical Society

Missouri Historical Society

Nebraska Historical Society

Nevada Historical Society

New Hampshire Historical Society

New York Historical Society

North Carolina Historical Society

North Carolina State Library

Ohio Historical Society

Oklahoma Historical Society

Oregon Historical Society

Pennsylvania Historical Society

Rhode Island Historical Society

South Carolina Historical Society

South Dakota Historical Society

East Tennessee Historical Society

West Tennessee Historical Society

Texas State Library

Texas Historical Society

Utah Historical Society

Vermont Historical Society

Virginia Historical Society

Washington State Historical Society

West Virginia Historical Society

Wyoming Historical Society

American Historical Soci


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